Carlos Aguilar and Ksra are two Seattle based artists that have been collaborating for many years through their mural painting and public art activities across the country. As Carlos Aguilar retrained his focus on exploring the potential of acrylic paintings, Ksra has been actively pursuing her childhood passion of sculpting and moldmaking. In 2012 Ksra and Carlos released their first collaborative toy for “It Figures- a toy art show” which sold out on opening night. Inspired by that success and seeing the infinite creative potential, they have continued to push their collaboration creating exquisite sculptural menageries utilizing visual themes based on their vibrant collaborative paintings. Their work touches on the feeling of impermanence and our need for soulful comradery.

Carlos Aguilar’s whimsical imagery of his own world has evolved deeply into its own constant search, or adventure at times. Being far from their families, Carlos has translated this into his work, associating a rambler,a drifter,or a Happy home, always moving forward places unknown. Growing up in Compton in the early 90’s, being surrounded by murals and graffiti, sparked Carlos’s want to create larger than life characters.

Carlos has shown in prominent annual shows like Neopopstreetfunk (Houston), Boxes of Death (Seattle), and Urban Decay (Wash.,D.C.). He continues to showcase his work throughout the U.S.


A southern girl at heart, Ksra finds the best of every situation. She laughs while sculpting, jokes while painting, and chimes in with narration while Carlos is hard at work. When she is not traveling the world, painting with her female street artist team, Few and Far, Ksra is actively involved with youth arts advocation throughout Seattle. Her love of letters has continued to grow, and even gained a featured in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 commercials.

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